Fahmy Corporation

"Fahmy Corporation" (FCorp) provides many Software to solve your Problems for FREE!

About Us
Hi, My name is "Nurfahmi Hidayat", In 2006 when I was in High School, all started. It was my first time making a Software.

At first, I was just making Software for Myself to solve My own Problems. 4 years later (2010), I tried to Publish My Software to multiple Software Download website (for FREE) then update them every month, because I think that some people out there is likely to have the same problem with me and My Software can help them solve their problems.

5 years later, at the end of 2015 (few months ago), I made a very hard decision, I changed some Software status into "Shareware" then try to sell them, because I almost run out of money to keep FCorp Software Development going.

With the remaining funds, I predict that My (Virtual) Company can only survive for less than 1 year (approximately until mid-2016).

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